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fresh fish

Fresh fish weekly. 
Bringing the gifts of the sea to your plate.

You can now pre-order your weekly supply of fresh fish from our online fishmonger. Fresh fish, never been frozen directly from the fish market. Our expert fishmonger-partner, Harts, will clean and portion it for your convenience and wrap each order individually for you to click-and-collect from Refillable. 

Collections on Thursdays from 8am till close of day. Pre-order cut off time is Tuesday, 12 o’clock.


  1. Pre-order by Tuesdays, 12 o’clock to collect on Thursday from 8am - 17h30pm

  2. Collection from Refillable shop, London road, Bath, BA1 5DJ

  3. Orders not collected by close of the day will be donated or destroyed. No refund.

  4. We will wrap your order in our grease proof paper or sustainable equivalent. 

  5. Orders arrive portioned and stored in a commercial cooler boxes on circular supply

  6. Store refrigerated, use within 3 days. 

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