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  • Can I bring my own container?
    Yes, you can. In fact we encourage you to Reuse. Reduce. Refill. Repeat
  • Can I use a plastic container that i already have?
    Yes, please do. Use it to it's last breath.
  • Do you deliver?
    Yes we do. We have free delivery service for orders over £40 in Bath. Our minimum order for deliveries is £30 plus delivery charge.
  • What check-out options do you have?
    We can offer: Click-and-collect - place your order online and pick up from our store FREE. For your convenience we sell liquids in glass containers. We also offer Subscribe & Save circular delivery with complimentary containers and massive savings. Delivery - we offer free delivery with all orders £40+ to selected areas in Bath and around. Our minimum order for Delivery is £30 + delivery charge.
  • Do you cater for gluten-intolerant people?
    Yes, we do. We have a range of gluten-free products and growing. We also offer many other speciality products like vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free and other.
  • If I fill too much can I return?
    Regretably not. For health and safety reasons we cannot return food or liquids that have already been removed from our bulk containers. But we do have shopper scales around to help you estimate how much you are taking.
  • What is your allergens policy?
    Due to the nature of Zero waste / unpacked form of shopping, we advise you that all our products may contain traces of allergens due to cross contamination. For any allergies, please consult with a member of staff before purchasing.
  • How to at Refillable?
    It's simple and fun, we call it "a playground for adults" You can either bring your container in the shop to refill. We will weigh it first for you and record the weigh to tare at the end. You fill the container with as little or as much as you are desire and then you weigh and pay for the content only at the end. You are at the beginning of your plastic-free journey? We stock a wide range of glass containers in store, grab a jar and fill it up, weigh and pay at the end. You don't need to pre-weigh our containers, we have done that for you already. Prefer not to buy a jar or have enough at home? Grab a complementary recycled brown paper bag and fill it up with your desired quantity, weigh and pay. Head home and decant into your own container to keep fresh. We also stock lovely cotton small sacks and shopper carrier bags, that you will love showing off around and filling and re-filling again and again.
  • Are all your products organic?
    Not all products are organic. We have a good pread of organic and non-organic products.
  • What are your working hours?
    We are open 7 days a week: Monday - Friday 8h00am - 6h00pm Saturday 9h00am - 5h00pm Sunday 10h00am - 3h00pm
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