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Zero Waste Kitchen

Not just shopping.
It’s an experience.

Refilling in-store.

We endeavour to always adhere to strict Health, Safety and Hygiene practices. For your benefit and to ensure a pleasant shopping experience for all, please kindly note our shop policies:


  • Refillable Shop is a family friendly shopping experience. Due to the nature of our products - being without package and stored in bulk containers, we have set few simple policies to help everyone have a good experience with us.

  • For your safety, we have provided sanitising stations all around the shop.

  • Under 18? No problem, we are happy to assist. Only adult individuals over the age of 18 years old are permitted to operate the refilling units and naked products.

  • For our young shoppers we have created an interesting chalk wall to enjoy some creative time while in-store and away from glass jars and refilling containers.

  • Team members reserve the right to step in and assist any customers they believe might cause avoidable spillages, damage to property and/or food stuffs or who are in direct harm to other customers.

  • Customers are not permitted to open food containers unless there is an intention to refill. All food must be handled with the tongs and scoops provided. Please restrain from leaning close over jars and containers.

  • Spillage charges apply. Please ask for assistance.

  • Refillable has zero tolerance to confrontational, abusive or antisocial behaviour. Our staff members are fantastic and hard working individuals that we treat with respect and appreciation, we expect the same from our customers.

  • We love dogs and we have created a safe designated doggie area where they can park-and-rest while you are enjoying your experience on the main floor.

  • Once a product has been remove from its container, it is fully chargeable. No returns.

  • All sales final.

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