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Beetroot, pineapple and carrot salad

Radiant from gut to skin beets salad
Radiant from gut to skin beets salad

This is one power punch of goodness in a plate!

The combination between fresh beetroot, pineapple and carrot with a hint of mint is just a luxury treat to the taste buds!

Beetroot has been found to support the functioning of the liver and help with the detoxification of the body; Carrots are not only good for the eyesight but also support gastro-intestinal health, plus the Vitamin A helps to flush toxins; Pineapple is helpful in reducing inflammation and it is a sweet yet low calories food.

The skin is the reflection window of the state of the digestive tract, healthy gut radiates in healthy skin.

How to make:

(serves 4) Grate 2 medium size fresh beetroot heads, 2 fresh carrots, half a ripe pineapple. Mix well and add chopped fresh mint leaves. Sprinke with lightly toasted pumkin seeds and optional hemp seeds.

Dressing options:

Simple dressing - Extra virgin olive oil and just a touch of fresh lemon. Creamy dressing - Mix extra virgin oilive oil, 1 tsp honey, 2 - 3 tsp of organic Greek yoghurt


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